Collaborations of Impact.

Here at Social Impact Ireland we know that to make a successful social enterprise you cannot go at it alone. Most social enterprises start out wearing many hats – from market research to impact measurement and everything in between. We are delighted to announce our partnership with We Make Change (WMC) which will assist the social entrepreneurs we work with to access invaluable skilled volunteers to help bring their social enterprise to the next level.

We Make Change connects Social Enterprises with the skilled volunteers they need to grow their impact. They provide a platform for individuals to volunteer their skills to support Social Enterprises changing the world. They host Change Day online volunteering events to enable Social Enterprises to receive support from corporate volunteers. Their community includes over 25,000 ChangeMakers who support their more than 650 Social Enterprise Members across the world.

James Sancto, Co-Founder & CEO at WMC

“We are inspired by the burgeoning Social Enterprise sector in Ireland and are delighted to partner with Social Impact Ireland to support that growth even further. By working together we can connect inspiring social entrepreneurs with skilled volunteers to help them achieve their impact with greater ease and support. At a time when partnerships are needed more than ever, we could not be more excited to partner with such an ambitious organisation to support Social Enterprises across Ireland.”

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