Many Hats.

Marketing is present in all stages of business – beginning to end. It asks the question: “Where, when, and how does our customer want to communicate with our business?”

Social Impact Ireland’s short course – The Many Hats of a Marketer – takes a look at the various elements required to create a solid Digital Marketing Strategy to suit your social enterprise.


May 6th, 13th , 20th, 27th 2021
Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm
Venue: Provided Online
Places: 10-12

Cost: Costs are normally €60 per organisation but are being deferred to reflect the current extraordinary challenging time.

Course details.

A digital marketing strategy involves setting marketing objectives based on the analysis of market information and target audiences, selecting digital marketing channels and platforms, determining channel-specific delivery tactics, and measuring the performance of the digital marketing.

During this course, work through an outline for your digital marketing strategy. We will go through the 5 stages of designing a digital marketing campaign and help you create a winning strategy.

Stage 1: SMART plan
Stage 2: Define your audience
Stage 3: Audit your website
Stage 4: Create great content
Stage 5: Measure your success

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