Positive Impact.

The Social Enterprise Spotlight Series recognises our community for their great contributions to society and their tireless efforts to achieve positive impact through the work they do.

By highlighting social enterprises, we are showcasing the owners behind the enterprises that are generating social impact. It’s an opportunity to showcase their passion and entrepreneurial spirit, which in turn highlights the work they do.


First to feature is Fittstick and its creator, the charismatic Martin Forrest.

“I aim to help put people back on track with my FITTStick programme.

This can be delivered in two parts: FITT and Stick
Fun – Inspiration – Transformation – Triumph is 4 stage process that helps people take what is fun and inspirational and transforms it into a satisfying personal output.
Stick is a home based fitness programme that incorporates a walking stick (umbrella, golf club, sweeping brush) into home based fitness programme. ”

The details.

Martin hosted a fun and inspirational evening showcasing a FittStick class online. With his boundless energy and his exciting programme, you can watch below as Martin shows you what makes FittStick such a unique experience.

Martin says “Given the COVID situation right now there are two Primary Impacts that my FITTstick programme will have

One: Support and improvement of mental health and resilience while guiding the client to create their own personal project that is based on what is fun and inspiring for them.
Two: Increase physical activity in a fun and motivating way using the walking stick while reducing stress and anxiety levels.”

Enjoy the evening again and again! Watch below

Martin would like to share his notes with you and can be downloaded here.

If you would like to appear on the Spotlight Series, get in touch with us here.