Social Enterprise Mark

Social Impact Ireland have partnered with Social Enterprise Mark CIC, an international accreditation body to pioneer the Social Enterprise Mark in Ireland.

The Social Enterprise Mark defines what it means to be a genuine social enterprise. It is an international accreditation, which acts as an independent, externally assessed guarantee that a business is operating as a social enterprise, with the central aim of using income/profits to maximise social benefit, taking precedent over generating dividends for owners/shareholders. It provides assurance that a company is living up to it’s claims as a business committed to creating positive social/environmental change.

Lucy Findlay MBE, Managing Director of Social Enterprise Mark CIC said:

We are really excited to be working with Social Impact Ireland to introduce the ‘Social Enterprise Mark’ in Ireland. The current worldwide health and economic crisis has shown that there is more of an appetite than ever for the formation of businesses that can evidence social impact as their raison d’etre. The Social Enterprise Mark proves those credentials in a world where actions must speak louder than words.

Irish social enterprises can now gain recognition that builds their capabilities as competitive, sustainable businesses, dedicated to maximising social impact.

Launch Day

We chose November 19th as the day to launch SE Mark here in Ireland, as it is a day for celebrations. It is Social Enterprise Day and Entrepreneurship Day!

The online launch event was a great success.  
Pauline Gannon of Social Impact Ireland and Lucy Findlay of Social Enterprise Mark CIC introduced the SE Mark and spoke of its benefits to social enterprises.

It featured the six individuals who will be taking their Social Enterprise through Irelands first ever SE Mark. If you are interested to hear more, or to register interest for the SE Mark, then drop us a line today.

See the full video below.

SE Mark

Introducing the Social Enterprise Mark to Ireland and recognising the important role of the social entrepreneur.

Lucy Findlay

“We are really excited to be working with Social Impact Ireland to introduce the ‘Social Enterprise Mark’ in Ireland.”

Pauline Gannon

“We are incredibly privileged to work with Social Enterprise Mark CIC to bring their world wide recognised Social Enterprise Mark to Ireland. A momentous moment in the history of the social enterprise sector here in Ireland and a turning point for all involved in the sector. Bringing recognition and credibility to those who work with impact at the heart of what they do.”.