1. SE Mark

Social Impact Ireland have partnered with Social Enterprise Mark CIC, an international accreditation body to pioneer the Social Enterprise Mark in Ireland.

The Social Enterprise Mark defines what it means to be a genuine social enterprise. It is an international accreditation, which acts as an independent, externally assessed guarantee that a business is operating as a social enterprise, with the central aim of using income/profits to maximise social benefit, taking precedent over generating dividends for owners/shareholders. It provides assurance that a company is living up to it’s claims as a business committed to creating positive social/environmental change.

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2. Benefits

Why become an accredited social enterprise?

Prove your credibility.
Articulate your social impact.
Differentiate from competitors.
Approved social enterprise status.
Get noticed as an approved social enterprise creating impact.
Demonstrate good practice in social enterprise.
Gain useful feedback.

Meet the Ambassadors

3. Ambassadors

Meet the five individuals who will be taking their Social Enterprise through Irelands first ever SE Mark.

Sarah Miller from Rediscovery Centre, Maeve Murphy from Cork Craft & Design, Courtney Sheehy from Foodshare Kerry, Susan Forde from Slanu Stroke Rehab and Liam Fleming from Siul Eile

Want to register your interest?

4. Register your interest

Register your interest for the SE Mark in Ireland.

Complete this short form to register your interest in applying for accreditation. We will then be in touch to discuss the next stage of your application.

Register your interest

Watch our Launch Event and read the Launch Booklet

We chose November 19th 2020 as the day to launch SE Mark here in Ireland, as it was a day for celebrations. It was Social Enterprise Day and Entrepreneurship Day! The online launch event was a great success.
Pauline Gannon of Social Impact Ireland and Lucy Findlay of Social Enterprise Mark CIC introduced the SE Mark and spoke of its benefits to social enterprises. It featured the five individuals who will be taking their Social Enterprise through Irelands first ever SE Mark.

Sit back and enjoy the full video below.

Browse through the Launch Booklet here


“The Social Enterprise Mark for our business will mean ‘confirmation’ to our customers and stakeholders that they are right to invest in us.”

Sarah Miller, Rediscovery Centre

“The SE Mark is vehicle to ensure we continue to preserve, encourage and nurture the special skills of the people working in the craft sector across Ireland today.”

Maeve Murphy, Cork Craft & Design

“Having the SE Mark will provide the separation we need from being perceived as a charity model vs a sustainable business, generating income to further our social impact.”

Courtney Sheehy, Foodshare Kerry

“The SE Mark will instantly showcase that we are an authentic social enterprise, giving us a greater element of trust when dealing with government agencies, businesses etc.”

Liam Fleming, Siul Eile

“Having the Social Enterprise Mark as a standardised recognised certification, will help us in communicating our purpose and service.”

Susan Forde, Slanu Stroke Rehab