National Social Impact Day


National Social Impact Day takes place on Thursday 27th October National Social Impact Day celebrates the Social Impact we all create in our communities. Be it the Social Enterprises, the founders, the staff/volunteers, the supporters or the people they impact. The theme for this years National Social Impact Day is [...]

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Roadmap to Social Media Success


Share your story. Authentically. Join us for the Social Impact Ireland Roadmap to Social Media Success short course where we’ll help you create a social media plan with meaningful content and purpose that aligns with your values. Grow a loyal audience with interactive storytelling and consistent content across your enterprise socials ~ communicate [...]

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Impact Trail – on the road


Meet & Greet. The Impact Trail is on the road and coming to a venue near you! As part of the ARISE campaign, the team at Social Impact Ireland are travelling Ireland highlighting the impact and value of Social Enterprises. With four venues lined up - covering East, West, Midlands and South - [...]

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12 Steps To Creating Social Change


Creating social change is not a ‘step by step’ process, it is more like a rollercoaster of ups and downs! Throughout the years I have seen commonalities, so I decided to capture these into a list. I have pondered what to keep and discard, with the result outlined below for your pondering. Step 1: [...]

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Impact Driven Boards


Getting to the heart of board functionality for Social Enterprises A traditional board asks: ‘What is best for our organization?’ but an impact-driven board asks: ‘What is best for the desired social impact we seek?’ A simple shift in focus, you might say, however, this shift requires meaningful conversations with each board member and [...]

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The Showcase Event – Spring 2022 Incubator Programme


Participants of Social Impact Ireland's 'Business for Social Impact' Incubator Programme will present their projects on Thursday July 7th in our online showcase event. Impact Revolution - Be part of the Solution Welcome to the 2022 edition of Social Impact Ireland’s Showcase Event! The Showcase Event is [...]

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Conversations of Impact – Impactful People


Conversations of Impact - Impactful People  As a part of our Conversations of Impact - Local to Global series, we are delighted to introduce the fourth event in the series, titled Impactful People. At Social Impact Ireland we want to celebrate all those people behind the scenes of Social Enterprises and within the Social [...]

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Articulating your Impact


Two Goals. The Articulating Your Impact workshop has two key goals: Helping you better understand and quantify the real impact of what you do, and, Helping you to articulate, it in a meaningful way, the impact created through your enterprise. Within the workshop you will learn: – What Impact means, particularly in the [...]

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Conversations of Impact – Impact Leadership


Conversations of Impact - Impact Leadership  As a part of our Conversations of Impact - Local to Global series, we are delighted to introduce the third event in the series, titled Impact Leadership. Bringing together a panel of social entrepreneurs, we will be discussing Impact Leaders & Leadership, those who create a positive impact and [...]

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We Make Change


Collaborations of Impact. Here at Social Impact Ireland we know that to make a successful social enterprise you cannot go at it alone. Most social enterprises start out wearing many hats - from market research to impact measurement and everything in between. We are delighted to announce our partnership with We Make Change [...]

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