Together we drive change, together we have an impact.

Through the work that we do, we strive to make a positive impact on Irish society each and every single day.


We believe in the power and the potential of each individual to make a real difference that will benefit their community and beyond, and make a positive Social Impact. We work hard with each individual, at whatever stage they are at on their social enterprise journey,  to fulfil the potential of their endeavour to make a positive impact on society.

We offer a variety of programmes and workshops – ranging from Incubator Programmes, One-to-one Business Advice Clinics, Information Evenings on various topics and much more.


Social Impact Ireland is devoted to making a difference in the social enterprise sector in Ireland.

  • Social Impact – working closely with social entrepreneurs at various stages on their journey.

  • Social Enterprise Mark – social enterprises can now gain international recognition.

  • Community – we believe that collaboratively together we can all achieve more


To separate and elevate social enterprise, by fully supporting individuals and enterprises to reach their full potential, impacting communities across all regions.

Working together; like minded, shared values, shared purpose; leading the way in advancing the Social Enterprise framework as a viable option for all who hold impact and social change at the heart of what they do.

We believe in;

Authenticity – in all our actions and our interactions.

Inclusivity – together we bring many possibilities.

Integrity – honesty and consistency in all that we are and do.

Accessibility – open to and understanding of all.

Quality – our worth and your worth deserves only the highest quality.

Impact – it’s not the idea, it’s what you do with that idea.

Our hard working team have been successful in helping many successful entrepreneurs and their social enterprises on their journey providing;

Leadership – Local, regional, national and in Europe

Passion – Social change that creates real impact.

Expertise – Supporting the full journey including both business & personal.

Sector Insights – Elevating the voices of the sector making sure you are heard.

Collaboration – Our success to date has been all down to wonderful connections and results driven collaborations!

Social Impact Ireland have partnered with Social Enterprise Mark CIC, an international accreditation body to pioneer the Social Enterprise Mark in Ireland.

The Social Enterprise Mark defines what it means to be a genuine social enterprise. It is an international accreditation that provides assurance that a company is living up to it’s claims as a business committed to creating positive social/environmental change.

Bringing the social enterprise community together, making connections and sharing stories, experiences and ideas

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