One Goal.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset short course has only one goal – Your Success!

Discover a deeper understanding of yourself and your business for more meaningful decisions.

Re-energise your approach to your mission, vision and goals.

Find a more confident direction and purpose.

Outcome: A business that is built around your passions, your personal and professional vision and, ultimately, one that will bring you meaningful success.

Course details.

This series of workshops is specifically designed to create a safe environment and provide the necessary tools to delve deeply, bringing clarity and the freedom to create an ideal vision for you and your business that excites and energises you.

It’s rare that you ever give yourself permission to take a step back, look at and re-assess the big picture and make real progress that’s right for both you and your business. Taking what we call a ‘10,000 foot view’ of your life, not just your business, can really propel you forwards with a big leap towards where you want to be and the direction that is right for you, which ultimately will also be right for your business.

It can be tempting to keep rushing into things without giving yourself the time to ensure you are on the right path. Getting the strategy and planning right at each stage of your journey will save you time and energy, prevent unnecessary mistakes, and set you up for success.

During these 4 workshops we will take a step by step approach to dig deep and gain clarity around the following:

Week 1: Defining Strategy Development in the SE space

Week 2: Establishing your Personal Reference Point

Week 3: Taking stock of where your enterprise is at

Week 4: Creating your Strategic Direction& Planning out and executing on your strategy


Four session course run over four weeks in May

May 4th, 9th, 18th & 25th 2023

Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm

Venue: Provided Online

Cost: €50

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