Conversations of Impact – Impactful People 

As a part of our Conversations of Impact – Local to Global series, we are delighted to introduce the fourth event in the series, titled Impactful People.

At Social Impact Ireland we want to celebrate all those people behind the scenes of Social Enterprises and within the Social Enterprise space, those that advocate on behalf of Social Enterprises and drive the Social Enterprise forward with their heart and passion. We wish to highlight the positive impact all these people are making in their workplace.

Social Impact Ireland will host an open discussion with a panel of speakers highlighting people/staff/volunteers and how we can attract the best people within the social enterprise space. We will speak about backgrounds and what attracted them into the social enterprise area, what they would like to see happening within the space, any changes, or recommendations they would make.

We will discuss what people most enjoy about Social Enterprise and look at what is happening in Europe.


Paul Goodwin
Assistant Manager of Gateway to Education Limerick

Gateway to Education Limerick is a non-profit, social enterprise created in Limerick in April 2012 to address economic and social barriers to education.

“We work to relieve financial pressures on families throughout each school term. To connect parents and families to resources that will ensure full participation in the school system and community. To provide educational support not otherwise available to primary and secondary students in at-risk families.”

Evelyn Pepperrell
Office Manager & Programs Communication Officer at Social Impact Ireland

As a communications professional, Evelyn understands the importance of creating good relationships. With over 30 years working experience across service areas of senior administration, event logistics, marketing & social media, Evelyn is comfortable with supporting business teams from executive director level to small business enterprises. In terms of values Evelyn is community minded and believes in being a contributor rather than a bystander.

Jamie Murray
The Ability Board

The Ability Board is a Social Enterprise which enables companies to be more confident in engaging with people of different abilities within their working environment, opening peoples’ minds to the value people of different abilities can contribute to our collective gain, creating true inclusive working environments.

The Ability Board are educating society and employers about the importance and benefits of employing people with different abilities. It was created by the community to help itself with the difficult challenges their daily experience encounters – it was formed from people of the different abilities community in order to help themselves and their peers.

Michelle Licciardi
An award winning international marketeer, management consultant and change maker.

Uniting innovation, collaboration, lean start-up and design thinking techniques to facilitate guide, mentor and lead community change. A natural “greenhouser” and polymath, motivated by societal transformation, fusing expertise to influence and impel the stakeholders within the quadruple helix to make change. Inspiring and nurturing innovative, creative and entrepreneurial attitudes and mindsets in order to connect and cultivate successful businesses and impactful organisations through the use of design thinking and business modelling. Interdisciplinary and bespoke approaches in order to foster strong relationships and harness forward momentum through genuine and meaningful co-creation, connection and collaboration.

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