We believe that collaboratively together we can all achieve more, that the passion and drive always present in the social space can be greatly amplified by connectivity and collaboration to a common purpose.

To strive to overcome the challenges we face as a society, to deliver on meaningful impact, we believe in constructive collaboration between policy makers, support agencies, educators, purpose driven commercial organisations and social enterprises.

At Social Impact Ireland we strive to help advance the opportunity for collaboration among:

Social Enterprises by enabling mutual support on their individual challenging journeys, fostering the development of clusters of collaboration among relevant groups and creating opportunities to help them ‘reach out’ to the mainstream commercial sector

Research & Academy by working collaboratively on research gaining insights to advance development

Policy Makers & Support Agencies by helping articulate the voice of the social entrepreneur towards influencing practical supports

Commercial Sector by helping those within the commercial sector in developing professional business relationships with social enterprises

Featured Enterprises

Some of the social enterprises we’ve worked with along the way.

Our Partners