It’s December and time to look back on the year that has been 2021 – what a rollercoaster of a year for everyone with its highs and lows! One major consistent theme we’ve noticed here at Social Impact Ireland is the resilience of the social entrepreneurs driving their social enterprises through these challenging times. A very inspiring group of individuals who have found the inner strength to be a voice and a light for positive social impact around Ireland.

We ask you to help us in elevating them!

These social entrepreneurs deserve to be recognised.
We have three categories below and invite you to get involved and nominate your favourite social enterprise/social entrepreneur. Who has made the difference in your community? Who do you admire and has stood out as being a real champion during these challenging times?

The social enterprises with the most nominations will be announced on December 14th at our Virtual Christmas Coffee Morning – which is open to all to join.

3 categories.

Community Champion – The social entrepreneur/social enterprise that has created real Social Impact in the last year. They have stood out as champions of the community and deserve the recognition.

Community Chameleon – The social entrepreneur/social enterprise who has adapted and pivoted well over the last year. We’ve all had to change the way we work and interact in recent times and this person has really embraced the changes.

Community Cheerleader – The social entrepreneur/social enterprise who has kept the spirit in the community alive. We all need positive people and positive news stories in our lives. This person breathes positivity in the community around them.

Nominations are now closed

as of 2pm, 13th December.

Join us for a cuppa on Tuesday 14th December at 10am where we will announce the winners of our Community Champion Campaign. To join the online event simply RSVP to Nicole by emailing