One Goal.

This series of workshops is designed for founders, managers and key decisions makers, tasked with guiding their organisation through these uncertain times but in a way that stays true to the values and purpose that is at the heart of your enterprise.

Our Business Strategy and Values Workshop has one goal: Helping you to create a workable strategic plan for you to guide your enterprise towards the vision that drives you.


4th, 11th, 18th, 25th February 2021
Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm
Venue: Provided Online
Number: 12 max.

Cost: Costs are normally €60 per organisation (2 people max.) but are being deferred to reflect the current extraordinary challenging time.

Course details.

In times when the surge of daily activity can swamp our efforts to realise our vision, the one constant that can help centre us is clarity on our purpose and the values we believe in. A starting point for a working plan comes from revisiting this and from there visualising the future you desire.

Outcome: A vision that is grounded on the purpose of your business.

The second step is analysing the gap between the current reality and the vision you wish for – the primary aim of strategic planning is perceiving how this gap can be bridged.

Outcome: A Strategic approach, of your choosing, that offers the possibility of bridging this gap.

The third step is creating a real plan – one that is both implementable but still flexible to deal with the uncertain nature of our times. We create not only a plan, but risk test it to optimise the chances of delivery.

Outcome: An implementable strategic plan.

The fourth step is all about implementing. Our aim is to help you to understand not only how to implement but also how to use it to track progress and how to adapt as circumstances change.

Outcome: A process to manage your execution that keeps progress true to your purpose and values.

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