Are you passionate about solving a social issue?

Our ‘Business for Social Impact’ Incubator Programme is designed specifically to create and develop sustainable businesses that make positive social impact.

This Spring 2021 edition, will be run online and include a series of interactive workshops, mentorship, personal journey support and more – all customised to each participant’s unique journey.

During this Incubator Programme we bring to you experts in all areas of social business, providing a space to discover the possibilities, explore the options and map out the pathway that fits to you and your business.

It is also a unique opportunity to be part of a group of like-minded people, sharing and learning from each other as you go through the programme and beyond!

Phase One consists of 14 Half-day Workshops

The initial part of the programme is a series of collective workshops, delivered online over five consecutive weeks commencing on Monday March 8th 2021 . You will be working with a small group of fellow social entrepreneurs – focusing on your own individual enterprise, but also learning from each other.

Week 1
Mon 8th, Wed 10th, Fri 12th March

Week 2
Mon 15th, Wed 17th, Fri 19th March

Week 3
Mon 22nd, Wed 24th, Fri 26th March

EASTER BREAK – 2 weeks

Week 4
Mon 12th, Wed 14th, Fri 16th April

Week 5
Mon 19th, Wed 21st, Fri 23rd April

Phase Two consists of tailored one-to-one sessions best suited to your needs.

You will receive One-To-One Sessions with Consultants
During your one to one sessions with our social business experts, you will begin to pin down a step by step plan specific to you and your business. Whether it is strategy session or marketing support – we have experts on hand to help with your project.

You’ll have Access to Support Network
As history shows, the biggest successes come from collaboration. What makes the ISBC programme strong is our ability to connect emerging social entrepreneurs with those who can help them – whether it is another social entrepreneur, a business advisor, a potential founder or a mentor.

We’ll Support you on Your Personal Journey
Building a start-up can feel very isolating and it certainly requires a huge amount of resilience. We understand that and resilience workshops and one-to-one support are there for you throughout the full length of the programme.

We’ll work with you to create a Marketing Package
We understand how important it is for any company (and especially for start-ups) to send the right message out to the world. Depending on your project needs – we provide help producing marketing materials.

We’ll work with you on your Pitch Preparation
Towards the end of the programme you might be ready to pitch your project to the founders, buyers, government agencies etc. We will create a realistic simulation of the pitch with a panel of real funders, so you can gain important insights from the right people in a safe and supportive environment. We do not offer funding but prepare you for when you are at the funding stage.

You’ll get to take part in our Showcase Event
At the end of the programme, we will celebrate the effort and progress made by participants, by organising an Online Showcase. It’s a wonderful opportunity to show the world (often for the first time) the positive impact you make! Look at our most recent here.

Your Commitment

There is no financial cost for the participants, but we can’t say it’s free…
We ask you to fully commit to participation.
It’s not an easy ask – if you are going to give proper time to this challenge, you have to stop doing something else. There are still seven days in a week after you embark on the programme, just like before. Your presence at the 14 workshops held online is crucial.

We also ask you to:
• Willingly share with your fellow participants
• Commit to upholding the integrity of the programme to your fellow participants
• Respect all involved, as you expect others to respect you
• Enjoy and contribute as best you can

Applications open monday 18th january 2021.


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