Two Goals.

The Articulating Your Impact workshop has two key goals:
Helping you better understand and quantify the real impact of what you do, and,
Helping you to articulate, it in a meaningful way, the impact created through your enterprise.

Within the workshop you will learn:
– What Impact means, particularly in the Social Enterprise Space?
– What Impact means for YOUR enterprise?
– Why you should measure YOUR Impact?
– HOW can you measure YOUR impact?
– Who should be aware of the impact you are creating?

At the end of this course you will be in a position to:
– Create a practical “Impact Articulation Plan” for your enterprise.
– Create an implementation plan and approach for that plan.
– Learn how to demonstrate your impact to those relevant people that can make a difference to the work that you do.


5th, 12th, 19th, 26th May
Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm
Venue: Provided Online
Number: 8-10 max.

Cost: Costs are normally €60 per organisation (2 people max.) but are being deferred to reflect the current extraordinary challenging time.

Course details.

Each social enterprise needs to report its impact. However, we believe that the “report” should serve a purpose. The FIRST STEP has to be understanding your core purpose, the impact you strive for and the audience within your environment.

OUTCOME: Clarity on your purpose, who needs to know about it and why you need them to know.

The SECOND STEP is connecting the activities you do to the outcomes they create and how that aligns to the Impact you want to achieve. It is important to understand all of the ways you achieve your impact and the assumptions behind them, so that others, will easily understand.

OUTCOME: In the jargon it is “Theory of Change”, but in simple terms it is showing the linkage between what you do and the Impact it delivers.

The THIRD STEP is utilising your impact reporting to create the influence with those you need to engage. Knowing your impact is the starting point but you then need to understand how to use it to engage the different audiences who support your desire.

OUTCOME: An impact Articulation Strategy – To whom, how to engage, the effect desired along with how to implement.

The FOURTH STEP is to populate your impact with meaningful measurements that contribute to the understanding of your impact. Measurements can be both quantifiable and qualitative but above all need to be meaningful i.e. can both inform and contribute to real decisions while easily understandable.

OUTCOME: Develop a set of measures that are sensible, practical and meaningful and not excessively onerous to maintain.

The FINAL STEP is to bring all of the individual bits together and create an “Impact Report” that works for you.

OUTCOME: An “Impact Report” and an approach to sharing it to achieve the affects you strive for.

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