What we do

Through the work that we do here at Social Impact Ireland, we strive to make a positive impact on Irish society each and every single day.

We do this through;

Leadership – local, regional, national, European -through providing sector insights.
Elevating the voices of the sector – helping the social entrepreneurs’ experience, wishes be heard.

Collaboration – our success to date has been all down to wonderful connections and results driven collaborations!

Passion – in what we do to match the passion of those we support.

Expertise – supporting the full SE journey – business & personal.

Our story

Social Impact Ireland is a values driven organisation that puts impact at the heart of everything we do . What started as a conversation on a mountain in Africa between our co-founders Pauline Gannon and Eamon Ryan, has grown with incredible momentum over the past five years. As an organisation we have moved from a local to regional reach and now we move national, with a vision that is already seeing the start of continued growth to a European level.

Both Pauline and Eamon bring long standing legal and corporate experience to everything that we do here at Social Impact Ireland, with one essential caveat, keeping the people we support, the people striving to make a difference at the heart of everything we do. We are built on a solid strong reputation, connection through our community and collaboration, while ever conscious that real impact requires sustained viable delivery over time.

As Social Impact Ireland has grown from BNest in 2015, to the Irish Social Business Campus 2017, when we joined with our partners Nexus Innovation Centre, Kemmy Business School, Clare Local Development Company, SECAD, North East West Kerry Development Company and the Ludgate Hub in West Cork. What we see today is an organisation that works in many ways to support the many different stages of social enterprises, supporting both the enterprise and the individual, allowing them to achieve the impact they desire, wherever they may be on their journey.

Core to our values at the beginning was a sense of collaboration – that together, more is possible. In keeping with this, we ourselves seek to partner with those who share both the passion and values. We also seek to create similar opportunities for those active in social enterprise by creating opportunities for both connectivity and collaboration, not only among themselves but also with forward thinking commercial organisations.

Ultimately, it is about enhancing and growing a vibrant collaborative social enterprise sector. One that gives free reign to the passion of the people we all support, to deliver to the benefit of us all.

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