Closing Statement

“It was with a bittersweet sentiment that we formally announced recently the closure of Social Impact Ireland operations. Our mission to foster social entrepreneurship and heighten awareness of social impact in Ireland has reached a natural closure.

We take pride in having served as a catalyst for countless individuals, empowering them to bring their innovative ideas to fruition as social enterprises with meaningful societal contributions. We close our doors, but not without a sense of fulfilment and optimism, for the positive contribution that those we have worked with will continue to make a growing contribution to a vibrant social economy in Ireland.

Our dedicated team, instrumental in our journey, has successfully transitioned to new ventures, carrying forward the invaluable insights and expertise gained during their tenure with us. This knowledge will continue to propagate the ethos of social enterprise in their future endeavours.

We extend our deepest gratitude for the unwavering support that has been the backbone of Social Impact Ireland from its inception and recognise the pivotal role the funding through REDF by Enterprise Ireland played in allowing this innovative endeavour to be pursued. The work we have accomplished together has been pivotal in establishing a robust foundation for social enterprise growth in Ireland—a growth poised to enrich communities with positive, lasting social change.

In expressing this final farewell, we extend our heartfelt thanks for the memories, the collaborations, and most importantly, the collective impact we have achieved.”


Social Impact Ireland Overview

A look at the mission, values, activities and community that have shaped our overall impact.

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Impact Report 2022 -2023

A detailed report on the impact generated through various programmes, activities and supports.

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SE Mark Ireland report

This report looks at the Social Enterprise Mark and what it means to be a genuine social enterprise in Ireland.

Report coming soon

Social Impact Ireland

Social Impact Ireland

Together we drive change, together we have an impact.

Thanks to our Community


A review of best practices on isolated/specialist groups

Report by Ciara Regan

Commissioned by Social Impact Ireland

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A profile of Social Enterprise and their stakeholder networks and engagement

Research Report Produced by Jennifer Caffrey

June 2020

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Towards an enhanced social enterprise economy

Business for Social Impact Exploration Forum

Limerick 2019

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